Art Show + BBQ

June 11th

11:00 AM – 3:00 PM


Theme: Healing

Submissions are due by June 10th, 2022.


Living Hope Covenant Church is sponsoring a local art show and BBQ on June 11th from 11am – 3pm.


We are asking local artists to create and donate their artwork to be sold. If you donate your artwork to be sold, we will have a space for you to showcase yourself as an artist and talk about your artwork. We believe art has a story and we want you to be able to share it!


*All proceeds of sold artwork will be given to victims of domestic abuse, anti-human trafficking, and Ukraine.

In the past, artists have used mediums such as:

– watercolor

– acrylic

– oil

– sculpture

– photography

– poetry

If you would like to submit artwork, please contact the church office.

All artwork is due by June 4th

If you would like to learn more about the ministries that the proceeds will go to please click on the links below.


Domestic Abuse



Anti-Human Trafficking

Reclaiming Hope:




Past submissions include:

Sponsored by:

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